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Ứng Dụng Servo Trong Điều Khiển Công Nghiệp - Phần 2

  • Thứ Hai , 09:13 Ngày 01/02/2021
  • Servo được ứng dụng rất nhiều trong các hệ thống tự động hóa công nghiệp như:

    - Feed-to-length      - Following
    - Tool Feed - Indexing/Conveyor
    - X/Y Point-to-point  - Injection Molding
    - Winding - Contouring
    - Metering/Dispensing - Flying Cutoff

    6. Tool Feed

    Applications where motion control is used to feed a cutting or grinding tool to the proper depth.

    Surface Grinding Machine

    Application Type: Tool Feed
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Requirements:
    • Allow flexibility to machine various parts
    • Easy set up for new parts
    • Automate all three axes
    • Keep operator informed as to progress
    • Low-cost solution
    • High-resolution grinding


    7. Winding

    Controlling the process of winding material around a spindle or some other object.

    Monofilament Winder

    Application Type: Winding
    Motion: Rotary

    Machine Requirements:
    • Controlled tension on monofilament
    • Simple operator interface
    • High throughput


    8. Following

    Applications that require the coordination of motion to be in conjunction with an external speed or position sensor.

    Labelling Machine

    Application Type: Following
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Requirements:
    • Accurately apply labels to bottles in motion
    • Allow for variable conveyor speed
    • Allow for inconsistent distance between bottles
    • Pull label web through dispenser
    • Smooth, consistent labelling at all speeds

    9. Injection Molding

    Applications where raw material is fed by gravity from a hopper into a pressure chamber (die or mold). The mold is filled rapidly and considerable pressure is applied to produce a molded product.

    Plastic Injection Molding

    Application Type: Injection Molding
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Requirements:
    • Electronic solution
    • Computer-controlled solution
    • 4000N (900lbs.) force

    10. Flying Cutoff

    Applications where a web of material is cut while the material is moving. Typically, the cutting device travels at an angle to the web and with a speed proportional to the web.

    Rotating Tube Cutting

    Application Type: Flying Cutoff
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Requirements:
    • Standalone operation
    • Move cutting mechanism with the tubing to
    make the cut without stopping
    • Simple user interface to set different tube
    • High accuracy on cut

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