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Ứng Dụng Servo Trong Điều Khiển Công Nghiệp - Phần 1

  • Thứ Hai , 15:20 Ngày 01/02/2021
  • Servo được ứng dụng rất nhiều trong các hệ thống tự động hóa công nghiệp như:

    - Feed-to-length      - Following
    - Tool Feed - Indexing/Conveyor
    - X/Y Point-to-point  - Injection Molding
    - Winding - Contouring
    - Metering/Dispensing - Flying Cutoff


    1. Feed-to-length
    Applications in which a continuous web, strip, or strand of material is being indexed to length, most often with pinch rolls or some sort of gripping arrangement. The index stops and some process occurs (cutting, stamping, punching, labeling, etc.).

    BBQ Grill-Making Machine

    Application Type: Feed-to-Length
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Objectives:
    • Compnesate for material slippage
    • Interface with customer’s operator panel
    • Smooth repeatable operation
    • Variable length indexes
    • High reliability


    2. X/Y Point-to-point

    Applications that deal with parts handling mechanisms that sort, route, or divert the flow of parts.

    Circuit Board Scanning

    Application Type: X-Y Point-to-Point
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Requirements:
    • 2-Axis analog joystick
    • Joystick button
    • Travel limits
    • Encoder feedback on both axes


    3. Metering/Dispensing

    Applications where controlling displacement and/or velocity are required to meter or dispense a precise amount of material.

    Capsule Filling Machine

    Application Type: Metering/Dispensing
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Requirements:
    • Increase throughput
    • No spilling of radioactive fluid
    • Automate two axes
    • PC compatible system control
    • Low-cost solution
    • Smooth, repeatable motion


    4. Indexing/Conveyor

    Applications where a conveyor is being driven in a repetitive fashion to index parts into or out of an auxiliary process.

    Rotary Indexer

    Application Type: Indexing Conveyor
    Motion: Rotary

    Machine Requirements:
    • Smooth motion
    • PLC control
    • Variable index lengths

    5. Contouring

    Applications where multiple axes of motion are used to create a controlled path, (e.g., linear or circular interpolation).

    Engraving Machine

    Application Type: Contouring
    Motion: Linear

    Machine Requirements:
    • Positional accuracy to 0.001 inches
    • Easy-to-use, open-loop control
    • CNC machining capability
    • Interface-to-digitizer pad
    • Compatibility with CAD systems

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