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As an intensive unit in the fields of:

  • Specializing in providing power components, control components for inverter, servos, industrial boards.
  • Specialist repair inverter manufacturers
  • Specializing in repairing servo carriers
  • Specializes in plc repair, monitors, power supplies
  • Disposal of old inverters
  • Provide genuine inverter good price
  • System programming, control cabinet construction
  • Providing AC and DC cooling fans used in equipment, machinery systems, control cabinets ...
  1. Process of checking the inverter
  2. Repair procedure of the inverter
  3. Servo repair procedure

Employees are properly and professionally trained to follow the company's standard procedure in the diagnosis, analysis and repair of damage.

Regarding the source of inverter components, the center always uses genuine and machine parts. IGBT power components are always available for backup. In case of necessity, you can place an order within 7 days. Besides, the center is also equipped with specialized equipment for measuring, displaying and analyzing signals. Together with modern tools, it will ensure the quickest and most accurate testing, repairing and testing process.

Technical team will advise, support new replacement in necessary cases. To ensure the shortest troubleshooting time.

The center is committed to bringing "Professional - Prestige" service with the desire to be a reliable partner with customers in troubleshooting, replacing and installing new systems.

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Automation Co., Ltd. I.S.C

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Email: info@isc-automation.vn
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090 984 1025